Tuesday, February 2, 2010

NV Barefoot Cellars Merlot - California

Terry post:

Barefoot Cellars is one, of a many, lifestyle products whose aim is align its consumer offerings with a particular way of life.

As noted on their web page, "Barefoot Republic is a community of people who share an enthusiasm for living life barefoot, exploring and relaxing, living and loving, making a difference and for making new friends, preferably over a glass of Barefoot wine."

Their web site also features links to Beach Volleyball (which they sponsor) and beach cleanups (a good thing to pick their empty wine bottles, I suppose).

Surveying the wine producers, this sort of lifestyle marketing is not widely adopted. Leading the adoption curve can be a good thing if you can lock consumers up for the long haul. It won't be long until some other winery matches their eco-sports niche. Barefoot Cellars will need to protect their eco-sport leadership with additional market share as their success is bound to draw imitators. It will be fun to watch.

My impressions: Medium plum in color. Cherries are very pronounced when the bottle is first opened and fade a over time. As the cherries fade the spice-box opens up dramatically. Soft - almost no tannins. Low acidity. Short finish. Tasty.

I paired this Merlot with homemade Beef Vegetable soup and the wine was complementary . The fruitiness and barely-there acidity balanced easily against the beefy soup.

This Merlot is, taste-wise, somewhere between the highly quaffable Australian Yellow Tail brand and the more traditional U.S. brands.

The wine is very tasty and is, perhaps, best when enjoyed by itself. I have doubts that it would hold up well with the heartier traditional Merlot-pairs such as beef roasts, steaks, bison, etc.

Bottom line: A very good value.

I don't have much experience with Barefoot Cellars, and based on this experience I think I'll start drinking my way through their product line.

$5.99 (on sale from regular $6.99) at CVS for the 750 mL bottle.

~ Terry


  1. The "Barefoot" folks heard about your review on Twitter and were happy. Of course my experience with the Sauvignon Blanc was less encouraging.


  2. Is Barefoot following your "tweets"? BTW: I feel absolutely stupid saying, "tweets".


  3. "tweets" is a bit on the silly side, isn't it? Yes, Barefoot is one of my followers.