Saturday, April 3, 2010

2007 Beringer, California Collection, Chardonnay, California

Terry post:

Summer Wine Series

The first thing you need to know about any Beringer wine is that the brand has multiple product lines from which to choose, including:

· Private Reserve

· Knights Valley

· Napa Valley

· California Collection

This means that the consumer should be mindful of which product line the wine originated. The Private Reserve are the small-batch, hand-crafted product while the California Collection is their mass market product.

My impressions: Straw in color. Subtle buttery-oakiness layered with floral notes in the glass. A quickly passing hint of acidity at the finish. Easy drinking quaffable wine. As their low priced offering, this Beringer Chardonnay under-promises and over-delivers. Recommended.

This wine would fit nicely as a slightly-formal summer wine which would pair well with grilled chicken, cheese tray or even fresh fruit. Would not recommend it alongside any cream or butter-sauced entree.

A California Chardonnay at a reasonable price. Similiar to the Smoking Loon Syrah which I reviewed earlier, this wine fits comfortably in a value-niche. Neither the Beringer Chardonnay nor the Smoking Loon Syrah had any significant flaws (or outstanding characteristics, for that matter) and were very reasonably priced: this equals VALUE for the wine consume

$7.99 at the Giant Supermarket

~ Terry

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