Sunday, April 4, 2010

2008 Beringer California Collection, White Zinfandel, California

Terry post:

Summer Wine Series

As I have said many times before, "If you like it - it is good wine". And, that axiom also includes summer quaffers such as the Beringer White Zinfandel. Adding to that: don't let wine snobs stop you from drinking something that you like at the dinner table, poolside or at a picnic.

There IS a place for easy drinking wines and the wine buying customer can drink whatever they choose recognizing that there are limits to any wine - including those consumed poolside.

My impressions: Pink in the glass. Strawberries and a hint of raspberries on the nose when first poured. Strawberries (again) and soft citrus across the palate with a long syrupy-fruit finish. Its overly sweet character makes it nearly impossible for food pairing as the sweet strawberries will overwhelm almost anything with which it is served. Best enjoyed COLD - served alone before or after a meal. Recommended.

Second thoughts: This wines needs to be served COLD. As the wine warmed in the glass the fruit characteristics disappeared leaving only an indistinguishable muddle of fruit on the nose and medicinal finish. Not food-friendly as it will obliterate any other competing elements in the meal to which it accompanies.

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~ Terry


  1. Thanks for your Two Wine Brothers blog! I enjoy it a lot. This post reminds me of the movie Sideways, sort of. I watched it again the other day. Hadn't seen it in a long time. I had forgotten how snobby Paul Giamatti's character is... I detest wine snobs! Drink what you like, or go learn more about it if you're unsatisfied with your current knowledge. Who cares if someone enjoys White Zin or Burgundy or Foch... It's all about what you think is good. That's what I say. Anyway, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Brad and I have a great time sipping and writing and it is FANTASTIC to have others along for the ride. ~ Terry

  3. We're glad you're enjoying our wine ramblings. I feel you're both right! Frankly, I think being snobby or "acting" as a pretentious wine aficionado is limiting. There is a HUGE world of wine out there and a vast array of tastes (in terms of the wine but also our individual taste preferences).

    So it is unfortunate when people dismiss a wine offhandedly because its either a cute thing to say or they actually believe it is reflective of some universal wine-truth. Good is good.

    In Italy alone there are more than 1,400 varietals being grown -- And I thought we grew a lot of different grapes in Iowa!!! So, my hat is off to those of us who are adventurous and bravely explore the new wine frontier.

    Yes, friends let friends drink White Zinfandel and Marechal Foch -- and the thousands of other lesser known varietals/cultivars in the world.

    I guess I better get tasting!!!