Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Where are “Our” Wine Boosters?

We’ve been writing about local wines since 2008 and over those years we have observed the value of an engaged, motivated and winery supported blogging community for the local wine industry.  One needs look no further than the Virginia wine community of bloggers to get an idea about how our Midwest wine industry could benefit.  Here are just a few of the Virginia wine boosters:

Virginia Pour House: http://virginiapourhouse.com/

As of January, 2014 Virginia had 223 wineries (source: Wines & Vines) and the 2012 Economic Impact the wine industry had on their state was about $775 million dollars.  Currently the state of Virginia is number #5 for number of wineries.  That’s a big deal and a lot of that is in rural communities.

The Midwest wine region certainly can support an enthusiastic array of wine writers, photographers and boosters to help show the world that our wines are worthy of attention!

WINE WRITERS UNITE!  We encourage writers, lovers of local wines, photographers to start a wine blog, populate it regularly with content, and share it with us and your friends.  Together we can make a huge difference for our state/region, the industry and to good wine drinking.

Help us find other Midwest wine bloggers and writers by dropping a note here or on our Two Wine Brothers Facebook page.


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  1. Thanks for this post, Brad. I have often wondered the same thing. If my store (where I carry 40+ Iowa wines) didn't use up so my of my time and my brain, I'd love to blog about Iowa wines. Instead of blogging, I occasionally get on my soap box to defend Iowa wines when some uninformed knucklehead makes a disparaging comment about how terrible our wines are, and without noting that he/she has tasted only 2 or 3 of them! And they never bother to discern between any of them--as if they were all alike! I think the Midwest's cold hardy wine industry is so exciting! It's cutting edge! No one anywhere has made wines like these before because so many of these grapes are so new ..... OK, I'm preaching to the choir. You already get it. But I will try to write some wine reviews now and then.