Sunday, February 7, 2010

2007 Folie a Deux, Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley

Terry post:

It is pure coincidence that both Brad and I are drinking and commenting upon lighter white wines this week. He just completed a survey of several Sauvignon Blanc's while I am going to talk about only one brand: Folie a Deux.

The name of the winery translates to “shared fantasies", and is appropriate if you are a fan of small batch, hand-crafted wines such as this offering.

My impression: The color of gold were it a liquid and you diluted it a thousand to one. Substantial citrus nose followed by grassy finish. The wine improved as it warmed in the glass reaching near-Sauvignon Blanc perfection after a few minutes - when it opened up completely - revealing sweet flowers. A very pleasant surprise. Contrary to my previous experiences with Sauvignon Blanc, this wine improved as it warmed in the glass. The finish was long and distinctly floral. Food friendly. Superb.

I enjoyed this bottle along side a re-taste of a Penfolds Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon blend, still superb by-the-way, a pint of raw oysters and homemade chicken soup.

Would recommend this wine with: Grilled chicken, grilled fish, smelt & morels, clams, oysters (!) and pork (grilled or baked and lightly sauced). Would not pair it with pasta or any cream or butter sauced entree - which would completely overwhelm the wine.

$16.99 at the Giant supermarket.

~ Terry

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