Saturday, January 30, 2010

NV Poema Cava Brut - Spain

Terry post:

First of all, I apologize for the poor quality of the photo. I recently upgraded my phone and I have not yet mastered the built-in camera.

Poema is a part of the Korbrands portfolio and home to a wide array of low to medium-priced wines.

It is not unusual for me to disagree with the glowing write ups provided by the wine producer. I have never disagreed so fundamentally with a write-up as I do with this Cava from Spain. They describe their Cava, thus: "Vibrant aromas of ripe peaches, pears and toasted bread with a hint of spice fill the nose. The palate is dry with a rich, creamy texture. Layers of flavor include orange rind and spice that persists through an elegant finish."

My impression: Thin. Painfully thin. Nearly non-existent on the nose and across the palate. Only the slightest hint of baked bread. No peaches. No pears. No spice. Decent acidity and lingering bubbles through a brief finish. I paired the Poema with sliced apple and baked brie and the wine was completely outclassed and overwhelmed.

I have had really great experiences with Cava's in the past and still consider the genre as a low-cost alternative to sparking wine from California and Champagne's from France.

Bottom line: The Poema offering is a threadbare, hollow and flavorless Cava absent the light fruity characteristics which make the wine a less-heavy alternative to sparklers and Champagne. I'd have done better with sparkling water and saved a few bucks in the process.

$7.99 at the package store at Dover Air Force Base.

~ Terry


  1. Dude, your review is way too harsh. I'm drinking a glass of this right now and am thoroughly enjoying it, particularly considering its price-point. You're right about it not having a lot of body, but it's very dry, as I like 'em, and a righteous foundation for "champagne" cocktails. I do agree with you regarding the promotional B.S. about the "rich, creamy texture"... that's pure nonsense regarding this bubbly - but that's not always what we're looking for.

  2. Thanks for reading, but this was the least appealing sparkler I have ever tasted.


  3. Your full of caca man,,,,this wine is well worth the price tag... boo

  4. We scored 6 bottles for $3.99 per (and a 10% volume discount) at our local QFC. I didn't expect much and my low expectations were met. It's insipid. Two Buck Chuck with bubbles would have been as good. My opinion of the importers lavish description just makes me all the more disdainful of those who write such crap.
    It wouldn't stand up to Wonder Bread and oleomargarine. One aspect that I didn't mind was that it was dry. Brut, indeed. And as dear wife and I consume the last of the bottle, the sun is shining. Not a bad day after all.