Saturday, February 13, 2010

Crimson Label Tempranillo

Brad Post:

As you may have gathered I am taking a wine appreciation class, called VIN 150 (Introduction to Wine), where the goal is to further our understanding of wine regions, varietal differences, and ultimately to be to gain the ability to speak the language of wine. Interestingly enough, we do this mostly via blended-format (meaning, 80% online discussions, research topic blogging, and 20% end-of-semester residential/tasting school).

So after this last assignment, what I am calling "the horrific Sherry experiment", in an attempt to enjoy the remainder of our evening with our wine tasting friends, we opened a bottle of Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection Tempranillo (2007).

Tasting Notes:  An enticing richly hued, deep ruby red wine gave way to initial bright cherry overtones followed by an freshly plowed earthy quality. Evenly balanced. An interesting interplay between dark fruit, hints of vanilla, and appealing astringency led to a suggestion of smoke and a beautifully, and moderately long finish.  

The Coppola 2007 Tempranillo was an amazingly good wine and deserves another tasting soon!


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