Sunday, March 6, 2011

2009 Mollydooker, "The Boxer", Shiraz, Australia

Terry post:

It was in 2004 that one of our wine reps came through the door with an odd-sounding Shiraz offering from Australia: Mollydooker. I'd never heard of the brand and it was one of maybe nine wines I sampled that day.

Now almost seven years later I remember the tasting and my notes from that meeting: "...huge...powerful...amazing...dark purple - almost black in the glass...dark berries...tar(?)..."

We carried the wine for a year and then we took it off the list. The problem was that Mollydooker is a small brand and it was nearly impossible to keep it in stock. And in the restaurant business, it is better to remove it from the wine list completely than to disappoint customers who see it and want to buy it.

It is with that background that I opened a bottle of the 2009 Mollydooker Boxer this rainy afternoon on the porch, sat back and enjoyed.

My impressions: Very dark garnet in the glass. Dark berries and cocoa on the nose. Mildly acidic with noticeable tannins at the finish.

The wine is a powerhouse of flavors with dark berries and mild acidity being the most prominent attributes. It is a glass-staining giant deserving your time and attention.


Highly recommended.

$24.99 at Blue Wind Gourmet in Lexington Park, MD.


  1. I tasted Mollydooker a while back at my wine science instructors place. Very nice. He used to work in NZ and became very familiar with the excellent wines from those parts.

  2. Hi Terry,
    Thanks so very much for the lovely review on The Boxer. We really appreciate the support from you and Brad. I love how you show people where they can get it locally as well- very helpful information. We loved your review so much that we would like to put your comments up on the First Hand Comments section of our website. Would that be okay with you? Just let me know!
    Krissy, Marketing Coordinator for Mollydooker

  3. Thanks for taking time to find our blog.

    Yes. You are welcome to excerpt from the blog.


  4. I have a vertical going in the cellar with Mollydooker -- 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

    Send me a message the next time you come to visit your brother and we'll have a tasting.

  5. Pat: That sounds like a GREAT idea.


  6. No one can deny that his vintage is a huge success. Im excited to buy the next release.