Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2008 Chateau Grand Traverse, Dry Riesling, Michigan

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Summer Wine Series.

Tomorrow marks the last day of summer, so it is time for me to squeeze in two more reviews before I start digging into my reds and ports as the nights grow longer and darker.

Over Labor Day weekend I had the privilege of driving from DC to Detroit to pick up some furniture which had belonged to my wife's grandmother. This isn't the sort of thing one passes on, particularly if domestic tranquility is important.

While there we visited a Meijers. Note to non-Michiganders: Meijers is a big box retailer along the lines of Target and Wal-Mart. We tolerate Meijers as Fred Meijers - the founder - opened his first store in Greenville, Michigan. Enough history.

I found the Michigan wines and almost everything there was a "late harvest" this or that. I did find one label which looked promising: a Dry Riesling by Chateau Grand Traverse.

My impressions: Pale yellow in the glass. Thin citrus on the nose is found after vigorous sloshing about in the glass. Citrus is prominent first across the palate with pear following closely. It finishes with an assertive acidic backbone. Very nice.

The Chateau Grand Traverse Dry Riesling is a wonderful offering from Michigan and worth a try if you can find it. With only 1,600 cases produced it is unlikely you'll find it outside of Michigan. But, if you do find it - you'll find it a pleasurable partner at dinner time.

$10.99 at Meijer "Shifty" Acres

~ Terry

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  1. I've had this one before very nice for the price... and Black Star Farms produces two nice Rieslings!!