Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lips as Sweet as Strawberry Wine

Brad Post:

The Two Wine Brothers recently began writing about summer wines with my older brother leading the way. His reviews have included pieces on Vermouth, White Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. My contributions to the Summer Wine Series will focus on Midwestern wines.

Few things remind me more of the beginning of summer than a trip to a strawberry farm and my first review captures the pure essence of that. When I was much younger and living in Belding, Michigan I used to find occasional work as a field-hand in nearby strawberry farms, bending over I'd pick one for the owner and then I'd pick one for the worker – yum!  This wine takes me back to those wonderfully rose-colored memories, strikingly similar to the rose-colored hues of the wine I am about to describe.

Few wines elicit such romantically inspired verse as does strawberry wine – “lips as sweet as strawberry wine”.

This Strawberry wine is the winner of a Silver Medal in the 2009 Mid-American Wine Competition and was crafted by Breitenbach Winery. Located near Dover, Ohio, Breitenbach makes a wide assortment of wines and is well known for creating lovely fruit wines in addition to their traditional line of grape wine.

You want a fruit wine to deliver fruit aromas and flavors and this NV Breitenbach Strawberry American Wine provides heaps of it! Moreover, you want your strawberry wine to look, well, to look like strawberries and it does! Potent fresh strawberries on the nose and in the glass, rich and thick legs suggest a sweet wine. My palate was pleasantly surprised with a blast of STRAWBERRIES in a gorgeously balanced, just the right amount of sweetness (6% residual sugar) and acidity. RECOMMENDED! 

This summertime strawberry sweetie is the kind of wine that arouses the poetic side of me and so I’ll end this posting with a short poem by “The Flowing Pen”:

Strawberry Wine
A seductive potion to bring me bliss
As I drink it off of your sultry lips
And your fingers intertwine with mine
Lust brought forth from strawberry wine

A taste that pales the sweetest nectar
As I lie in your arms lost forever
Two bodies joining like moon and sun
Passion drives us until we are one

An aphrodisiac some could very well say...
Who ever knew that love would feel this way
I'd like to sit and drink with you one more time
Toasting love and laughter with Strawberry Wine


Cheers my friends, enjoy all that summertime has to offer and I hope you’ll take time to seek out the Midwestern wines I suggest.


  1. Ok, let's road trip to your favorite summer wineries!

  2. It's going to be a long road trip! We'll start in Nebraska and head east!

    We have Ohio in our sights.