Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2007 Penfolds Koonuga Hill, Shiraz Cabernet - South Australia

Terry post:

It was Phil Spector who in the late 1960s was a producer of music and invented the "wall of sound".

The "wall of sound", was a technique of applying layers of sounds, reverberations and echo over the original track. The overall effect was, as described by a contemporary of Spector, as "bathing in sound".

The Beach Boys song, Good Vibrations is a good example of the "wall of sound" technique.

Why, you may ask, do I begin a review of an Australian red with a primer on Phil Spector's "wall of sound"? Well, because they are so very similar.

Where Spector layered sound, Penfolds layers flavor, depth and intensity.

My Impressions: Inky. Bold. Full-flavored. Mouth-filling. Plums and spice on the nose, mildly tannic, with a (regrettably) short finish. The addition of the Cabernet Sauvignon pumps up the acidity, and rounds-out what would otherwise have been just another flabby Australian Shiraz. Wonderful.

I paid $9.99 for this bottle at my local grocery store and it compares very favorably with the teeth-staining yumminess which I have come to appreciate in the more expensive Shiraz-based Yalumba blends.

At the price and the enjoyment: this wine is a steal. Buy it and drink it now.

~ Terry


  1. Greenville, Michigan! I grew up in Saginaw and attended Alma College before heading to the Barossa Valley, where I now work at Yalumba. Thanks for the "yumminess" note. I'll keep reading your blog (without adding too much Yalumba marketing spiel!). Penfolds, by the way, make a whole range of wonderful wines.
    Tony Bogar

  2. Amazing that a Michigander found his way to the Borossa Valley.

    How'd you find our little blog?

  3. Penfolds was my first real red wine! I actually think it was that exact same blend, IIRC. Needless to say, it hooked me. Another good Australian red to try is Boarding Pass, costs about $20 a bottle, and is very complex as well, with a slightly longer finish. I like a good kick in the rear, and it gives it! I told Brad it could use another year or two in the bottle still.

    Another nice Penfolds is their Merlot. I can't recall the label, but I really liked its balance.