Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NV Dolin Vermouth De Chambery, Blanc, France

Terry post:

Everything I know is wrong.

Or, so that is how things seem this afternoon after sampling a French Vermouth served over ice.

Earlier in the day I drove over to The Wine Seller and put myself in the hands of Lucinda. I told her I was looking for light summertime wines to sample and that I didn’t want to limit myself to only White Zinfandel.

She went to the racks and returned with several bottles of wine - the most surprising being a French Vermouth. I know what you are thinking: Vermouth, are you freakin’ kidding me! Stay with me on this one.

Like most people I see Vermouth as a cheap sweet wine with practical limitations at softening the rough edges of gin/vodka in a Martini. Vermouth is a drink that is reserved for the shuffleboard set. Vermouth is everything in a wine which I hold in distain: it is sweet, it is one dimensional, it is boring.

Like I said before: everything I know is wrong.

Ever see the movie, “Charade”? There is a scene at the beginning of the movie, where Cary Grant meets Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn is sitting outdoors at a ski resort enjoying an adult beverage with the Swiss Alps laid out before her. I imagine that Ms. Hepburn is sipping a cold Dolin Vermouth De Chambery as Cary Grant approaches her. I don’t know what she is drinking, but it SHOULD be this drink.

My impressions: Clear in the glass. Herbal. A walk in a cool pine forest at dawn. Sweet but balanced with the herbs. A rumor, just a rumor, of bitterness on the lingering finish. Highly recommended.

Second thoughts: This wine stands on its own two legs. While it would blend well in any drink of distilled spirits, I sampled it on its own over ice and did not find it wanting.

A perfect after dinner aperitif.

16% alcohol by volume

$15.99 at The Wine Seller

~ Terry

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