Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NV Graham's "Six Grapes", Reserve Porto

Terry post:

After tasting the epic 2007 Graham's Vintage Porto a few weeks ago I was eager to taste another, less expensive, example.

A trip to the local Giant Supermarket revealed four shelves of Porto's and Ports ranging from $5.99 to just under $30 per bottle. After reviewing a few labels I settled on another Graham's product, "Six Grapes" - a non-vintage blend - and a Porto none-the-less.

Returning home I poured a glass and settled onto my porch to watch an approaching thunderstorm. As the wind kicked up and the skies darkened, I sipped, poured and re-poured several glasses returning inside only when the rain reached me.

My impression: Red (dark) when at rest in the glass with the hue lightening to purple with long leggy strands when swirled (20% alcohol). Grapes, raisins and prunes on the nose. Rich and full in the mouth. Long warming finish with overt sweetness complementing muscular tannins. Recommended.

Graham's describes "Six Grapes" as being, "...the everyday Port for the Vintage Port drinker..." and I tend to agree with them. My recently tasted 2007 vintage revealed a sensational Porto and at $80 per bottle a sensation to be enjoyed only on occasion. At less than $20 per bottle, the "Six Grapes" provides the Porto drinker a tasty compromise - and a compromise without disappointment.

$18.99 at Giant Supermarket

~ Terry


  1. Yesturday was my first time tasting the wine at a get together, and I might say it was delicious. Loved it...

  2. Anon: Glad you liked it. I have a bottle waiting for me now.