Wednesday, April 1, 2009

&$@!! Wine Snobs

Brad Post:

Few things drive me more crazy than wine snobs! The pedantic, pretentious, pontificating, bloviating, snitty-snooting-snobs of the self-ascribed wine aficionado sect.

Perhaps well-meaning but rarely well-mannered in their fervent attempt to illuminate us mere mortals to their uppity, Emily Post styled ways of wine. It doesn't take too many force-fed wine education sessions to realize why there are so many beer drinkers in the world. If my alcohol consuming brethren experience the same sort of wine-snobbery, then perhaps I ought to join them in a neighborhood pub - where I can hold my glass of brew any way I please.

Sure I get it...that in the other-worldly, world of wine appreciation that holding glass by the stem, positioning it up to the light and appreciating the golden glow of the lightly oaked Chardonnay is a sight to behold. But seriously, c'mon...we're just trying to enjoy a glass of wine without a whole lot of pomp and/or circumstance sometimes. The fact is, unless we ask you for advice on how to critically examine a wine, how to best hold a glass of wine while sipping, or frankly anything advise-like, you might want to reconsider and simply let us enjoy our wine.

Enthusiasm to share your passion for wine is admirable! Enjoy your wine, learn all you can, become the most highly educated wine consumer out there, and then, unless we ask you, please keep it to yourself.

Ahhhh. I feel better already!

(Special thanks to Jim Carey for my beginning paragraph rant).

Happy Tastings!

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