Sunday, March 1, 2009

James Beard Foundation

Terry Post:

We received a call from a representative of the James Beard Foundation two weeks ago inviting the Chef to prepare a dinner at the James Beard house in New York City on the 16th of May.

For the foodies who read this: this is a huge deal. On the plus side, being nominated (yes there is a nomination and review process) is an honor and not all those who are nominated accept the invitation. The dinners at the James Beard house are a primary fundraiser for the activities of the James Beard Foundation.

We have not yet settled on a menu, and therefore have not settled on the wine selections with which to pair the meal. One thing is certain: the Chef will stick to dishes with which he has confidence and experience. This is not the time to experiment with something new. We will settle the menu over the next two weeks.

The Chef is confident. I am scared &^%$less about the prospect of selecting wines for such a high-fallutin' gathering of foodies and food critics.

And, of course, everything has to be done within a budget.

I'll post again once we settle on the menu and then again after I pick the wines. Pray for me!

~ Terry


  1. Update #1: Peter Franus has agreed to "comp" several cases of wine and will introduce his wine during the dinner. Cha-ching! Am negotiating with Oasis Winery (Virginia) to have them "comp" six cases of sparkling wine.

  2. Hey Brother,

    Congrats on snagging some free wine from California :) I visited the Oasis Winery website - feel free to send a bottle of " O " Rose Grand Reserve Champagne - and it looks like we should take a tour of Virginia wineries!

    Exciting! Good luck. BJ

  3. I should note that Oasis NEVER responded to us. I called and emailed. I understand that a winery doesn't have an obligation to "comp" anyone for any reason. I am just disappointed that they never even bothered to respond. Bad manners.