Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sesame Street and Wine?

Brad Posts:

Found an interesting article by Jo Diaz (Wine Blog) about Wining and Dining the Millennials and how to market to these new wine consumers.

She emphasizes concise statements without superfluous wordiness using text with primary colors - to direct these attention deficient younger consumers. Today's wine is sponsored by the letter "R" and by the color "Red".

She may have a good point. I think about the times I've gone to an ice cream counter only to be overwhelmed with the number of choices. Perhaps limiting the number of options and directing the new consumer toward specific wines would encourage more people (millennial or not) to give these specific wines a try.


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  1. ...Today's wine is sponsored by the letter "R" and by the color "Red".

    Now there's one I didn't even think of, but if that were incorporated, how quickly would that draw everyone in with a warm fuzzy feeling from the past.

    How cute! Glad you liked the posting at --jo